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Anniversary Purpose

 “From The Brush Arbor to the Sanctuary”


Anniversary Purpose!

 “From The Brush Arbor to the Sanctuary”

First, and far most, to give glory and honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for His grace and mercy which has allowed us to sustain a place of worship for 150 years; even through periods of  reconstruction ,  remnants of slavery and segregation , and economic disparity.

 Secondly, we hope this special effort, recognition, and remembrance of our rich church history will spurn greater spiritual and material awareness and appreciation for those who have sacrificed to develop and sustain our church.

 Thirdly—we seek to raise funds through an ongoing Capital Campaign that will allow us to liquidate the mortgage on our family life center, to make needed church repairs and improvements, and to support ongoing missions and outreach within our church and greater Westside community.

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